Asbestos Removal Management

  1. Fusion Technical can manage the entire asbestos removal process ensuring minimal disruptions to clients. We handle the procurement aspect by presenting impartial LARC quotations to clients, written recommendations post full assessment of removal contractors through pre contract auditing ensuring only quality, qualified & competent contractors are appointed to undertake specified tasks through proven and identifiable experience of completing similar projects. We help organisations across the UK and from all industry sectors to safely manage the asbestos on their sites. Fusion Technical will undertake intensive due diligence taking away stress and time consuming management to allow clients concentrate on what they do best.

With over 1.5 million approved buildings in the UK with asbestos containing materials (ACMs) asbestos is the single most common cause of work related deaths. Asbestos was mainly used in the construction of buildings between the 1950s and 1980s before it was totally banned in 1999. Any asbestos materials identified as posing a significant ongoing hazard through competent risk assessments needs to be dealt with in accordance with strict guidelines set out in the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, CAR 2012 & HSG documents.

Any buildings constructed before 2000 could contain some type of asbestos containing material. All commercial buildings now have to have an asbestos management plan. The Control of Asbestos at Work 2012 (CAR 2012), Regulation 4 stipulates that the duty holder is responsible for dealing with any asbestos on their premises from initial identification and risk assessments through to any removal projects and continued updating and management plan review.

With a wealth of specialist experience within asbestos management and strategically located, Fusion Technical is ideally placed to manage a professional asbestos removal service throughout the UK.

Based on sound principles of quality, best practice, health and safety, and commitment to our customers, we have grown to become known for our dedicated asbestos removal project management services.

Where an asbestos management service UK wide is required, we have the know-how and infrastructure to cater for projects of all scales. As a progressive market leader we utilise proven techniques across all aspects of asbestos consultancy.
All work is conducted in accordance with industry legislation and Health and Safety Executive guidance. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that our asbestos management service is rigorously audited internally and externally to meet stringent quality, health and safety and environmental criteria as we promote best practice across our asbestos services.

Fusion Technical strives to set standards in asbestos removal management services, and as a responsible service partner our work is geared at causing minimum disruption to the client. Irrespective of how extensive or challenging an asbestos removal project may be, choose us and you can be sure we will adhere to strict guidelines for the safe removal and disposal of this high-risk material.

We endeavour to ensure that no one is exposed to the hazards of asbestos fibres inhalation, which can cause serious damage to health. Our team delivers tailor made solutions designed to solve your asbestos problems, protecting you and safeguarding your business from prosecution.

Fusion Technical asbestos services include:

If you require further details regarding any aspect of asbestos removal, please contact us for further information.